Water and Food Security Infrastructure

Lack of resources leaves communities vulnerable and stunts development. Our top priorities are to assess, source, fund, provide and keep track of relief. Water and data provision are critical. We assist with assessment, implementation, and real time management in this regard.

 We involve the local community and remain involved. We engage funders, sponsors and partners.

We see to the completion and the follow up and maintenance of the programmes. This results in products that are sponsored and partnered by SPEAR but are owned by the community. It invites further, progressive development.

African Home Stay


Our first African Homestay residence belongs to the Repinga family who lives in the heart of the KaHoyi village. Volunteers and visitors are fully immersed in the community, when residing at the Repingas.

The family members are long standing, community orientated KaHoyi residents. The house is a third-generation family home. It is situated in an excellent safe location near a borehole and close to the KaHoyi schools. The chief’s kraal (Odiweni Royal Residence) is also close by. Ceremonial activities and  experiences in this vested traditional setting are common. The Homestay programme is embraced and supported by the community, the circuit manager of Nkomazi East, the queen, and the chief.

The Homestay programme is embraced and supported by the community, the circuit manager of Nkomazi East, the queen, and the chief.

The Homestay residence serves as a base from where the programme operates. It is easy to interact with the community, get to the local schools and participate in community engagement and education. Water provision projects and infrastructure development are managed from here.

Affordable Data


The availability of data is a necessity to most people in the global environment. It opens doors to endless educational platforms and general information. It also enables people to network and communicate via email and WhatsApp.

The local communities do not have the means to access data. This impacts on their daily lives and on the quality of education. Affordable but good quality data is critical to develop social and individual skills.

TechNet collaborates with SPEAR for data provision. TechNet deployed staff and rolled out equipment to provide affordable data in Nkomazi. Access to data is now available to Tonga, Naas, Kamakequeza, Mangweni, and KaHoyi.

We are progressing to neighbouring towns, and then to communities west of the KNP. Educational programmes require data provision.

Our aim is to provide accessible data to all the local communities. Data should be available to lower income people at lower rates. Libraries and formal schooling areas should have adequate, free data to meet the educational demand.

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