SPEAR is an acronym for Stop Poaching Endangered African Rhinos. We are a South African based non-profit organization. Rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park (KNP) is a horrible reality. Syndicates pay excessive amounts to poachers to engage in illegal activities. This occurs in the poverty pockets that exist in the areas neighbouring the park.

SPEAR focuses on conservation and communities adjacent to the Kruger National Park.

Just like the Masai warriors who protect and guard the kraal gate by yielding their spears, we ease the hardships of poverty and support efforts to stop cruelty to rhinos and endangered animals. SPEAR funds anti-poaching operations in and around the Kruger National Park, South. We supply equipment and information for specific needs and recognise the dedication of the deployed forces. We improve the standards of living, and the skill sets of people in order to alleviate poverty. By improving the living conditions of the local communities, we enhance efforts to combat poaching. Communities take ownership and work for this cause.

To realise this vision, we take hands with collaborators, ambassadors, and funders.

Our programmes align with community conservation. We support the education of the children in the communities. We instill love and respect for nature in children from a young age. We build destination, people, and nature. This is an ongoing and diverse process. It includes many projects, activities, and learning opportunities. Our dream is to enable self-sustainable environments, in which conservation and community life can prosper. This invites tourism and constructive engagements and connects community and conservation.

Project Overview

SPEAR implements various programmes that focus on young adults and children. Our programmes evolve depending on conservation requirements in the communities. It is a time consuming process to establish and grow programmes in communities.

We pilot in the KaHoyi community and expand to other communities. The KaHoyi chieftainship owns the land next to the KNP, close to Crocodile Bridge. It is a vibrant community with seven schools and a traditional and western culture. The people are welcoming, friendly and enjoy engagements. KaHoyi is the ideal platform to pilot our projects. Here we connect community and conservation. This includes water provision, data provision, educational support, Homestay, and other engagements.

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Our Projects:


International volunteers

Accessible data

Water security

African Homestay

Poaching detection

Educational programmes

Interactive engagements

Community ownership

Quality of life