Upbringing and education programmes start at home with primary caregivers. They are key in the integration plan. Most households in the communities have absent, working parents. The grandmother or eldest of the children take care of the younger ones at home during the day.

The TTN programme provides educational products and tools. It operates full-time from a house in KaHoyi. The “Little Paws” boxes include early childhood development material. Children use it to learn how to read, write, count and draw. The daily, fun interaction focuses on awareness, the environment and gospel related activities. These boxes instil a love for conservation and community in the children. The Nkomazi area features distinctive communities made up of at least five clans or chieftainships (Ngomane, Mlambo, Shongwe, Mjejane). The educational programme is extended to these communities.

Educational Curriculum

The close-knit relationship between conservation and the communities offers an excellent platform to develop an educational curriculum that link schools and the Kruger National Park. SPEAR and FEDSAS approached the Mpumalanga Department of Education to develop a curriculum that can be introduced in schools.

SPEAR, MDE and FEDSAS, will tailor make this programme in collaboration with the Kruger National Park and other conservationists like Lapalala Wilderness School Bela Bela. Lapalala pioneered the “Nature is our classroom” concept. This focuses on three concepts of curriculum content:

  • Kruger into my classroom
  • Nature is my classroom
  • Kruger is my classroom

These distinctive avenues involve community and conservation in the learning process. Kruger into my classroom entails direct interphase video streaming from the Kruger to the classroom. This includes talks and shared information. Nature in my classroom takes learners to approved learning sites. Kruger is my classroom offers direct exposure and experience in the KNP. We develop similar projects in the conservation areas next to the KNP.

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Kruger into my classroom

Nature is my classroom

Kruger is my classroom