SMA presents authentic day to day cross cultural experiences to International volunteers. The volunteers get a window on the daily life of a local community. For the communities, it unlocks access to the global world.

We outline the significance of the KNP, conservation and tourism by positive interactions and programmes with the communities.

Most of the children living in the communities next to KNP have never been to Mbombela or to the Kruger National Park. Conservation organisations and these communities have limited contact and engagements.

We involve international volunteers to educate our children in conservation. The Volunteer Programmes open exchange programmes focused on the children. All the participants benefit from the cross-cultural interactions. This is not limited to community members, but reaches out to  all involved: volunteers, SPEAR staff, hosts, rangers, and conservation organisations.

SMA facilitates growth and development. It offers a safe and friendly immersion in different living conditions. It challenges everyone to revisit their own beliefs and paradigms.

The full-time staff of SMM (USA) sources and selects volunteers. SMA’s leadership includes Rhyan Lange and Ethan Kramer.

Community Engagement

Our international volunteer programmes include a multitude of activities and projects. Volunteers enjoy African Homestay experiences in the village of KaHoyi. They interact with local schools, for one month, three months or longer. The engagement includes our pre-school and home programmes.

The community children and volunteers visit the Kruger National Park and conservation areas. This includes engagements with rangers and conservation organisations. Some excursions focus on volunteers only; others include the children from KaHoyi. The visitors do skills transfers and participate in various infrastructural projects. The international interest benefits the KNP and its neighbouring communities.

Our engagement results in an improved local environment. It changes the mindset of both local and internationals participants. The benefits include skills development, cross cultural relationship building, sensitivity for conservation, increased education, appreciation for the KNP, and improved conservation areas.

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