Getting Involved

Commodity sales offer excellent opportunities to communities and businesses.
New initiatives are born along the journey of building awareness of conservation within communities.

Donations, support and other projects

Conservation community support:  SPEAR is aware of the ongoing needs regarding conservation and anti-poaching. We pay attention to small details that can make the work and lives of the conservation community easier. We distribute various donations and food parcels and organise sponsorships.

Commodity sales:  Arts and craft products generated in the communities are sold in the open market. These sales benefit the community members directly. Sales are done locally, and some products are made available on internet platforms.

Businesses can allocate part of their profits from sales to SPEAR. This is utilised for anti-poaching activities or community upliftment programmes. We are proud of the SPEAR filter coffee brand that is available in retail.

Feeding Schemes: Food producers donate goods or funds for specific uses, including anti-poaching or community programmes.

Recreational sport-based interaction: Sport develops social skills in children. It teaches cooperation, collaboration, and friendly competition. Differences are appreciated and embraced. Community sports programmes are effective ways to link community to conservation. We arrange soccer competitions with a conservation theme between local communities and peers. The peak event takes place inside the KNP.

Membership: We welcome all donations. Sponsors and donators may allocate their contributions to specific programmes. Surplus funds or general donations will be channelled into critical conservation programmes. It keeps the wheels of our non-profit organisation turning.

Fresh Ideas: Entrepreneurs are invited to propose innovative or lateral ideas that can benefit the stakeholders. We will consider proposals to enhance conservation and to improve the living conditions in communities.

Section 18 Certificates: We issue Section 18 Tax Exemption Certificates. We provide accreditation, audit trials, annual recognitions and transparency.

Donations and funding:

Funders and sponsors are welcome to allocate funds or goods to specific SPEAR programmes.  Thorough feedback and transparency are important to SPEAR. Excess funds (if any) will be channelled to SPEAR programmes and conservation efforts.

How To Get Involved

SPEAR offers a broad spectrum of “stop the tears” programmes. These include opportunities to assist with anti-poaching, poverty alleviation and lifestyle improvements. Participation is measurable and yield definite results. It does not only assist the iconic Kruger Park and conservation efforts, but it also helps the communities.

We offer projects that encompass community development, enable access to water resources, improved infrastructure, cross cultural enrichment, interaction with rangers, education in and about nature, sport, equipment, conservation efforts, community funding, ambassadorship, and related services. Our programmes are dynamic and evolve continuously.

We invite donations, membership, volunteering, and actual engagements. The bouquet ranges from missionary engagement to the provision of affordable data. We welcome donations or sponsorships. We facilitate engagement and participation by volunteers. Once off, periodical, or indefinite involvements are all accommodated.

To get involved, contact us.


Payments can be made here:

Account Name : SPEAR NPO
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